Products & Solutions

  • Cloud FOCS

    Cloud FOCS

      Air Line Meal Planning Solution

  • Cloud Steel ERP

    Cloud Steel ERP

      Complete Solution for Steel Manufacturing Industry

  • Cloud Bakery

    Cloud Bakery

      Complete Solution for Bakery Industry

  • Cloud Fashion Store

    Cloud Fashion Store

      Complete Solution for Garment Industry

  • Cloud Finance

    Cloud Finance

      Finance Solution for Micro Credit Industry

  • Cloud Cosmetics

    Cloud Cosmetics

      Cosmetic Production and Distribution Solution

  • Cloud Business

    Cloud Business

      Complete solution for House hold Equipment Re sellers with Easy Payment

  • Cloud POS

    Cloud POS

      POS Solution for Super Markets & Groceries

  • Cloud Restaurent

    Cloud Restaurent

      POS & Restaurant Management Solution

  • VPS Servers

    VPS Servers

      Virtual Private Server Windows / Linux Tailor Made for your requirements

  • Dedicated Server

    Dedicated Server

      Dedicated Servers for your Demanding applications on Windows & Linux Operating Systems

  • Web Site Hosting

    Web Site Hosting

      Web Site Hosting plans for your web site on Windows / Linux Servers