About us

Our goal is to increase the productivity, reliability, and efficiency of distribution software systems, while decreasing maintenance and operating costs. Our products are designed to allow you to get back to doing what you do best -- operating your core business instead of worrying about software upgrades and support issues.

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Why choose us?

Cloud Link Solutions (PVT) Ltd offers a great service in the design, development, programming and marketing of your software. We strive to offer the best solution for your business and impartial advice at an honest price. We are constantly investigating new technologies and recommend them when they make sense.
We love what we do, some might say a bit too much, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on. Put simply, if you want a partner who cares about your business choose Cloud Link Solutions (PVT) Ltd.

  • Broad Solution


    Streamline your test management, test execution, test data management, even validation of live software.

  • Methodology Agnostic


    Original Software has been acclaimed by the analyst community as the best solution for supporting agile. But our customers use many other methodologies just as successfully.

  • Best of Breed For ERP


    Reduce Oracle or SAP ERP testing effort by a third. Our ease of use allows business users to test upgrades effortlessly, improving productivity and speeding up time to market.

Our process

One solution to automate all your office functions. Available anywhere with an internet connection. NO software or hardware to buy, install, maintain or upgrade. Delivered either on site, online, web based (Cloud), hosted, internet based, ASP or even as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

  • First step

    Requierment Collection

    End user requirements are obtained through documentation, client interviews, observation and questionnaires.

  • Second step

    Systems Design

    Describes desired features and operations in detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams, pseudocode and other documentation.

  • Third step

    Development,Integration and testing

    Brings all the pieces together into a special testing environment, then checks for errors, bugs and interoperability.

  • Fourth step


    During the maintenance stage, the system is assessed to ensure it does not become obsolete. This is also where changes are made to initial software.